SEO Tools That You Should Be Using

SEO can be some tricky business and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of micromanagement that needs to be done to stay successful and on top of your workload. With things like keyword management, position tracking, content optimization and more, becoming overly stressed isn’t uncommon.  Luckily, the internet is packed with plenty of SEO tools to help us perform at our peak, and that’s what we’ll be discussing here.

Whether you’re stuck and looking for a solution, checking to find a different tool for a specific use or you’re just getting started with SEO, then these SEO tools will be a great help to your cause.


If you’ve been involved in any form of digital marketing in the past, then you’ll probably be very familiar with SEMrush and how it works.

For those who don’t know this amazing SEO tool, you’ll be glad that you’ve been introduced!

So, what is SEMrush and why should you even care?

Well, in a nutshell, SEMrush is pretty much an all in one solution to your SEO and PPC needs. It might sound almost too good to be true, but trust us, it is!

From competitor research, PPC keyword cost, keyword researching tools, backlinking tools and much more than we can possibly list, this all in one SEO tool will pretty much be your new digital marketing hub from now on.


Better Keyword Targeting – A good keyword strategy is pretty much the bread and butter of any solid SEO plan, and this is where SEMrush truly excels. What this SEO tool does is provide you with a researching medium that gives you a host of relevant useful information relating to your chosen keywords allowing you to gain the biggest impact possible.



seo tools-semrush-ppc

So, what sort of statistics can you gain? Well, here’s a few… Keyword competitiveness score, search statistics (individualized per country!), PPC costs, related phrase match keywords, competitor PPC ad copy and more than I could fit on this page!

Domain Statistics- Along with the statistics on individualized keywords, you can get the same sort of insights into specific domains. Let’s say you have a competitor that you’d like to do some in-depth research on, well, then this is the perfect SEO tool for you!

Gain specified insights into what keywords the domain is targeting, which of those keywords are driving traffic, where their backlinks are coming from, how many hits they get per month etc. With all of these insights, you’ll be flooded with SEO and marketing opportunities left right and centre.

Though this may be a paid service, it’s worth every cent that you spend on it, especially if you need to keep track of multiple domain performance metrics and how each individual keyword on these domains is ranking for their business.



This handy tool is often touted as one of the best content marketing tools out there today. So, what does it do exactly?


Buzzsumo is an online SEO tool that allows you to enter in a keyword or a specified topic and see what form of content that relates to that keyword is currently trending. So, how can you use this to your businesses advantage?


Writing content can be some pretty tricky business, and getting comprehensive data to base your content on can be super time consuming and downright confusing. What buzzSumo provides is a platform where you can quickly and easily find content that’s successful, giving you both the relevant information you need to write your blogs, and the ability to discern how the content style can make your blog more successful.



Gone are the day of having to scan through hundreds of blogs just to find one that has some form of authority and content accuracy, and in with the days where you have the highest quality information right at your fingertips.


Not only can you get highly accurate information from these blogs, but you can also assess how you should best structure your content to make sure that you have the highest impact possible.

If you’re a business that produces a lot of content, this is the tool for you.

Market Muse

If your website is exceptionally content-heavy, and you have no way of checking what the quality of that content is like, then Market use is just the right tool to use.


Using the power of AI and the cloud, you are able to get all of your content scanned, assessed and get given a report on how your content has performed. The advantage of this product is that it doesn’t require any form of download, so you can access this service from pretty much anywhere in the world.


So, how does it work? Well, the intelligent AI system that Market Muse developed uses its own form of algorithms to scan through the internet and compare your website’s content to see how relevant it is to your specific topic. Not only does it check the relevancy, but it also gives you reports on average competition content data and other related phrases that you can use to strengthen your page even further. The whole crux of this SEO tool is to help identify content gaps and to increase the content’s relevance to your chosen topic.



It’s worthwhile to note that this service is not Free, though they do have a limited free version where you can get a gist of what the service does provide. If you’re interested in the full service, then head on over to their site, and receive a personalized service.


Though there may be some debate around the use of Latent Semantic Keywords whether they’re required in a healthy SEO campaign, we still think that the addition of these keywords will still add a benefit to your content. With that in mind, we’ve found one of our go-to LSI keyword finding tools from LSI Graph.

seo-tools-lsi-graphSimply enter in the keyword you want the LSI version of, and sit back while it generates a whole list for you in no time at all. This service is partly free, and allows for up 3 searches a day, making it handy to compile LSI keywords for a 1-day blog. Alternatively, you can give them our email address and then enjoy up to 20 searches, or even pay for their service and receive a whole suite benefits such as:


-Unlimited Searches
-Unlimited LSI Keywords
-Search Volume Data
-Top Performing Content Analysis
-Semantic Keyword & Topic classification
-CPC, Competition And Trending Data
-Export Keywords
-(PDF & CSV)
-White Label Report
-One Account For All
-Project Manager Library


Understanding what your competitors are up to can really help your business to adapt and grow on whatever market you may be residing in, and the solution that SpyFu provides is one of the industries best. This nifty SEO tool takes competitor research to a whole other level and gives you more nuanced competitor data than you could ever have hoped for.

This service is split up into a couple of different sections, allowing for competitor research in fields such as PPC, SEO, General Keywords and even custom Domain leads and Top Lists.

Unlike some of the other competitor researching tool listed here, this service is one of the most in-depth that you could possibly ask for, with incredibly telling services such as Competitor Adwords Campaign and Ad Test History, Check Competitor Backlinks via Keywords, Your own Keyword Tracking, Backlinking Finder and much more.

It’s important to make sure that your business is using everything that its disposal, and if you’re not then you’re missing out. The tools that we’ve listed here are tools that we know and love, and we would suggest that any business that takes its SEO and Digital Marketing seriously should consider incorporating some of these toolsets into their general day to day practices.