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The 5 categories that this questionnaire tested for will give you an overview of how well you understand the constitution of your online business –
Its very rare for someone to get full marks, but if you’re serious about your online presence, then it’s something you should be striving for –
You might not be, but your competitors are!
Based on your results, here are suggestions on the three worst aspects of your online business, and why you should care to fix it:

Improve your
website speed

Ouch, website security something your scored badly in, did you know website security is probably one of the most important aspects to any online business?

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Low website

Owning an online business and building an online business are two very different things. We have had far too many clients approach us with a sense of disappointment…

Use google
webmaster tools

So, here is a scenario for you – You’ve paid good money to have a website developed, it looks good, it works well, and you’re happy with it. A couple of months pass by…
So, How Do You Fix It?
Covering all 5 bases can be a challenge for a small to medium sized business – You don’t have the technical know-how or the time to learn it all – That’s why we’ve created a package that ensures that all your digital assets are kept up to date and that you are always in the loop. Let us do the work for you, while you work on your business – Not For It!
The most important aspect of Talk Digital is that they understand Business and Marketing Principles which is the foundation and continuity which makes my Business effective and successful. Talk Digital is professional and takes the time to research my needs even to the extent of "on-site" Business Meetings to ensure I get the best results.
01:23 09 Jul 21
Thomas, Alan and his team have been fundamental in the success of the digital marketing strategy for my business.When I 1st wanted to dip my toes into the world of SEO I decided to get professional help to coach me through the process instead of blindly trying to do things myself.My concern was wasting money and time on something that I couldn’t guarantee an end result for.Trying to create google ads without the background knowledge of the platform is incredibly overwhelming. Thomas and his team where able to create an easy to follow strategy that was catered to my business.They were able to talk me through each process setup step and could explain to me clearly why 1 google ad strategy would work better over another to ensure that we chose the best strategy from the get go.Their knowledge and understanding of the SEO world is incredible and matched by no other.
Helena Hurst
Helena Hurst
00:13 01 Jul 21
Start to finish was an easy and stress free experience 10/10 would recommend quick response and delivers a great product.
Matthew Duthie
Matthew Duthie
00:09 24 Jun 21
Great value service providing excellent leads for our business.
Ben Garvey
Ben Garvey
04:12 03 Jun 21
We have used Talk Digital with all aspects of our digital marketing campaign. They have completely updated our campaigns and we are definitely seeing the results. We have no hesitation in recommending Talk Digital to all other SME's.
Anthony Ellwood
Anthony Ellwood
00:39 29 Apr 21
Thomas and Alan and their team have created an amazing website with us which truly reflects our music school business in Brisbane. Their digital marketing is really working and we are now drawing new clients like never before.
Mark Hope
Mark Hope
22:16 14 Mar 21
Start stressing less and catch up to the competition!

How it Works?

Step 1

We get to know you and your business – It’s important that we ‘Get it’ and that our service reflects the needs that you as an independent business have. From how your business functions to your professional philosophy, we want to get to know you.

Step 2

We Start Getting To Work – Once we know who you are and how you operate we get to work ensuring your digital assets are kept safe, up to date, are easily found and that you have a strategy moving forward to keep improving month to month!

Step 3

Sit Back Relax and Stress Less – The whole goal of this package is to take the work and stress from your shoulders and place it onto our keen digital marketing teams. We’ll provide you with a monthly report covering suggestions to improve your online presence, 1-hour worth of site edits as you please and a reminder that your digital assets are in safe hands, year-round – 24/7!
Take The Plunge To A More Stable And Stress-Free Life
Keep your online business running year-round, rest assured that all aspects of your website are kept up to date, receive a personal monthly strategy recommendation from one of our experts, ensure your business is easily found locally and get 1 hour of free website edits – All of this for only $200p/m!
Talk Digital Guarantee
Communication is key! If you have questions or need support, we’re only a click away.
We’re always on time! Rest assured that you’ll receive all your reports exactly when its due.
Results matter! We’re so confident in our service that we guarantee improvements.
We’re here to keep you happy! That’s the reason we get up and into the office every morning.
We’re all qualified! Every person on the team is fully trained and ready for your next project.
Cancel Anytime! If you’re not happy or satisfied with this package, then feel free to cancel at any time – No Lock In Contracts!
Meet your team
Curious who the faces behind this package are, and who you’ll be working with? Well, meet the team!
Project Management
Senior Copywriter
Got Any Questions?
In case you still have any question or concerns about this package we’re offering you a free 30-minute Online Meeting, where we can discuss your business, our services and how it all fits together – Schedule a call with one of our experts today!