Chances are, you’ve probably tried your own hand at SEO after having read all the blogs out there, done all the required research and still you haven’t seen any difference in your SEO rankings. This is a commonality shared by most SEO for small business strategies with a limited budget and is a rut that is almost impossible to get out of without in-depth industry know-how. Without the proper industry knowledge, accreditations and experience, achieving any meaningful SEO results is a huge up-hill battle.

Fact is that due to the workload, traditional SEO solutions delivered by the most reputable SEO companies are justifiably expensive. Depending on your niche, some SEO specialists maintain that if you are spending anything less than $1500 per month on your SEO – your impact will be minimal. With this in mind, we’ve set out to provide you with a small business SEO solution where the average small to medium sized business owner can have top quality SEO for only a fraction of the standard industry price.

Dramatically increase organic traffic through effective SEO services and gain more leads and skyrocket your sales.
Don’t keep paying for your traffic via social media or Google Ads and save in the long term.
Save money by making your website Future-Proof by adapting good & affordable SEO services.

If you’re a highly driven and
motivated SME, then we’d
love to work with you!


After years of frustration of not being able to help with SEO for small business owners on tight budgets, we’ve created a system where your business works in conjunction with the Talk Digital team to catapult you up the SERP rankings and to perfect your small business SEO strategies.

No one knows your business better than you do, so we’ve allocated you certain easy to do tasks leaving all the harder, more technical and industry-specific work to us. We know how to do small business SEO and you know your business best, we combine our efforts with explosive results. You won’t only be saving money, you’ll also be learning about how SEO works for yourself, all the while gaining the same results as you would be paying upwards of $2000 a month!

Naturally, this is a system that only works with small businesses that are highly motivated to succeed, and will actually set out to do the tasks that are necessary to rank. Not everyone will qualify, so find out if your business does today!

  • Market research
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google Penalties
  • Technical SEO
  • Resolving Site Issues
  • On Page Optimisation
  • Setting Up SEO Tools
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • HML
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Ideas
  • Content Research
  • Content Production
  • Link Taxonomy
  • Obtaining Backlinks
  • Link Research
  • Content Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Setting Up Media Accounts
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Identifying Cornerstone Content Pages
  • Optimising Landing Pages
  • Performance Tracking


Our Process

Understanding how this optimization is benefiting your business is of the utmost importance, and the way that we go about doing that is by using specialized SEO tracking services that not only check how you are ranking for your specified keywords, but also how well your competitors are doing on theirs. We will setup and configure all the required tools to your specifications, and allow for SEO tracking to take place.
Some of the tools that we use include SEMrush, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, Yoast and more, providing you with full transparency on your SEO.
Keywords are the bread and butter to SEO specialists and an intricate part of you small business SEO strategy. This initial stage of research is the base of your online marketing success and any error’s here can translate into hours of stress and struggle in the future. These words are the key to giving Google an understanding of what your website or specific webpages are about and who to serve those pages to.
Due to the complexity of keyword research, competitor keyword analysis and more, its essential that this stage is done accurately using SEO tracking tools that allow us to understand the current SEO landscape for your specific industry and to give us information to make predictions to enhance our strategy. This initial stage will be performed by our Talk Digital Keyword strategists to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout your online marketing campaign.

Read our blog about “What Makes Successful Marketing Campaign” to find out more about keyword research.

To be competitive in your businesses industry you first need to understand who you’re up against and the strategies that your competitors are implementing to rise up the ranks. Similar to Keyword Research, we’ll be looking into the specific keywords that your competitors are targeting, enabling us to custom create a competitor keyword strategy to beat out the competition.
Using specialised software to analyse all of your competitors websites, we will know exactly for which keywords your competitors are getting most of their traffic, enabling Talk Digitals Keyword Strategists for small business SEO to compile a comprehensive list of the words that are being targeted and create your very own specialised strategy to beat out the competition.
Every now and then websites may be penalized by Google for a varying range of reasons and this effectively limits how visible your website will be in terms of organic visibility. Often times, website owners don’t even know why their websites visibility is being throttled down, causing unknown losses to revenue and traffic.
This a problem that needs to be solved in a very timely manner, and will be performed by Talk Digital team members. In the event that Google has placed a penalty on your website we’ll take action to minimise your loss on profits and get you back to where you need to be – making money!

Read our blog on “WordPress Security“


Very helpful and professional! I recommend their services.
Angela P
Angela P
10:53 27 Apr 22
Thomas was fast, great at communicating with me about my needs and requirements, and I could not be happier with the result.
shane Stewart
shane Stewart
06:32 21 Mar 22
I found the team at Talk Digital so professional and making my tasks easier in setting up a new business. Highly recommend them to any Business.
Brooke Townsend
Brooke Townsend
03:10 17 Feb 22
Thomas was great to deal with. I run a small Plumbing business and have limited time in the office. Thomas understood straight away and was patient with my replies.The web site looks great and I look forward to working with him and Talk Digital in the future.Andrew Shipway,YEP Plumbing Services.
Andrew Shipway
Andrew Shipway
01:07 15 Feb 22
Excellent company to deal with. They are friendly, professional and helpful. Pleasure to work with Thomas and the team!
Christelle van Rooyen
Christelle van Rooyen
11:08 02 Feb 22
Talk Digital work quickly and professionally to complete their project. I highly recommend their services. The staff use their problem solving and marketing skills to design a product suitable to your needs.
James Coles
James Coles
00:49 19 Jan 22
Alan has done a fantastic job in creating our Google My Business listing. We highly recommend Talk Digital to help with your digital marketing strategy solutions.
Paulene Toohey
Paulene Toohey
08:09 01 Nov 21
Found them super easy to deal with and highly recommend them .
The most important aspect of Talk Digital is that they understand Business and Marketing Principles which is the foundation and continuity which makes my Business effective and successful. Talk Digital is professional and takes the time to research my needs even to the extent of "on-site" Business Meetings to ensure I get the best results.
01:23 09 Jul 21
Thomas, Alan and his team have been fundamental in the success of the digital marketing strategy for my business.When I 1st wanted to dip my toes into the world of SEO I decided to get professional help to coach me through the process instead of blindly trying to do things myself.My concern was wasting money and time on something that I couldn’t guarantee an end result for.Trying to create google ads without the background knowledge of the platform is incredibly overwhelming. Thomas and his team where able to create an easy to follow strategy that was catered to my business.They were able to talk me through each process setup step and could explain to me clearly why 1 google ad strategy would work better over another to ensure that we chose the best strategy from the get go.Their knowledge and understanding of the SEO world is incredible and matched by no other.
Helena Hurst
Helena Hurst
00:13 01 Jul 21
Start to finish was an easy and stress free experience 10/10 would recommend quick response and delivers a great product.
Matthew Duthie
Matthew Duthie
00:09 24 Jun 21
Great value service providing excellent leads for our business.
Ben Garvey
Ben Garvey
04:12 03 Jun 21
We have used Talk Digital with all aspects of our digital marketing campaign. They have completely updated our campaigns and we are definitely seeing the results. We have no hesitation in recommending Talk Digital to all other SME's.
Anthony Ellwood
Anthony Ellwood
00:39 29 Apr 21
Thomas and Alan and their team have created an amazing website with us which truly reflects our music school business in Brisbane. Their digital marketing is really working and we are now drawing new clients like never before.
Mark Hope
Mark Hope
22:16 14 Mar 21


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