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Dramatically increase organic traffic through effective SEO services and gain more leads and skyrocket your sales.
Don’t keep paying for your traffic via social media or Google Ads and save in the long term.
Save money by making your website Future-Proof by adapting good & affordable SEO services.
Reach your target market with pin point accuracy and guarantee more leads, boosting profits.
Top 3 Google rankings to increase your brand awareness and leave your competitors in the dust.
Ensure a long term SEO strategy through white hat SEO without being Google penalised.


So you’ve spent a fortune on your SEO services and Google Ads with a Search Engines
optimisation company just to find out you have gotten very little long term results? Lost in the
maze of ever changing Google search engines algorithms and not having the resources to keep up?
At Talk Digital we know there’s a lot of “SEO Hype” out there that promises you the world but
never really shows a substantial return on your investment.

Empower your business by engaging in professional search engine optimisation strategies with a
professional digital marketing agency and to ensure that you will consistently stay ahead of your
competition and convert your traffic into paying clients for long term results. Our team in
Brisbane and the Gold Coast will elevate your business by working with you to achieve your long
term goals. Book a free consultation at your premises in Queensland or alternatively online
nationally with one of our SEO strategists. You need SEO on a budget – no problem! We don’t just
talk the hype but back our service with a money back guarantee – no questions asked!

Our SEO agency will maximise your profits & get results – long term



With continual search engines algorithm updates, the nature of SEO services is an ever shifting landscape, forcing all of its practitioners to constantly revise and work on their strengths and strategies to get results for their clients. It is often hard for anyone to get a complete grip on how the Google search engines algorithms are impacting your SEO campaign, but rest assured Talk Digital have committed themselves to deliver the highest standards of digital marketing through continual training and by implementing top strategies to skyrocket your conversions.

Not only will our proven white hat SEO methods get yuo on top of Google but more importantly we will ensure that we “future proof” your search engines rankings for the long term and adapt our SEO strategies continually, whatever challenges we face for long term results.


It is well known that Organic leads from search engines have the highest conversion rate and hiding on the second page of google is pretty much akin to not having an online presence at all. Research has shown that the majority of internet users will find exactly what they are looking for on the top five organic search results and the traffic decreases drastically after that. Executing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy combined with an optimised SEO campaign, we wont only push up your Google rankings, you’ll be enjoying a higher customer conversion rate as well with long term results! With a well structured and optimised marketing campaign we will ensure that you not only generate more traffic but actually convert for a much better return on your investment. Search Engine optimisation that actually works!

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Get $500 worth of advice for FREE!

If you’re ready to take the next step and increase your websites performance then book your Free BUSINESS BLASTER session now! We’ll cover a number of topics that are paramount to the competitiveness of your business and come up with a strategy to make you rise to the top. Stop lagging behind and get ahead today!

How we get you on top of Google search:


Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation starts with knowing where you’re currently at on all search engines by doing an extensive SEO audit. Only then can you determine where you want to be. Our “Business Blaster Session” allows us to perform in-depth research on your existing site and provide specific recommendations to get your business on the first page of Google. After the audit, we’ll propose a digital marketing plan tailored to your needs that will show how we’ll get you the final results. These sessions will be done in person at your offices for SEO services in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast or online internationally. Some of the key topics that will be discussed are:

  • Key insights into your business, industry & competitors
  • Your unique selling proposition
  • Your Avatar
  • You’re on and off-page SEO audit on your website as well as search engines results
  • Landing pages
  • Domain Authority
  • Your competitors
  • Your goals

If you would like to book an obligation-free “Business Blaster Session” to improve your digital marketing strategy and gain insights into your business please contact us.


Understanding where your current website holds its strengths and its weaknesses, is the first step to progress and the start of any professional Brisbane search engine optimisation campaign. We will have an in-depth look at your current search engine optimisation strategy, the inbound and outbound links that you possess, your websites taxonomy and your site speed.

This audit is a very important part of our process, as only from these can we really custom cater a plan that is suited to your specific needs. If you want to get ahead of the game, why not audit your own website?

We provide a free website auditing tool, so that you can get a tighter grip on your current situation.

In this phase, we start to do research into your industries specific keywords on both a national and local basis. We then go through and compare the initial relevant keywords to find out how competitive they are, and to give us an indicator of what your competitors are targeting. This is the fundamental base of any good SEO strategy, so we make sure that we do it properly.

Using tools such as Semrush, we can conduct in depth research into every specified keyword that we have selected while being able to conduct very granular research into what your competitors are up to, in one easy to understand setting. We will provide you with reports and documentation on your SEO strategy so that you have a constant feed of what is being done.

Just like in the Keyword Research stage, we use Semrush to get very specific information on the search engine optimisation strategies that your potential competitors are using. We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of their current strategies, and then cater yours to be as competitive as possible. Through this research, we are able to extract super specified information such as how much traffic they receive and during what times of the year their traffic spikes, the keywords that they are targeting and how successful their paid advertisements are just to name a few.

With all of this compiled information, we have an excellent base to build your strategy on, exploiting any weaknesses that we have identified.

The structure of your website can have a big impact on how it performs in relation to your SEO. Google uses your sites link structure to index your website, and having a link structure that doesn’t make sense in the eyes of Google will impact you negatively. Current trends are showing that with every Google update, Site Taxonomy is becoming a focal point in relation to SEO results, so making sure that your website is built on a logical link structure is a necessity.
This is the stage where we start to change and improve the SEO factors that are currently on your websites pages to improve your search engines results. This means we go through and edit H1 Headers, Alt-Tags, Page Titles and more to make use of those keywords that we have outlined in the previous phases. After this has all been executed, one can expect to see speedy SEO results (as soon as your website is indexed again), since these are some of the focal factors that Google will look at when they determine your search engines position.

Editing your current websites copy is a common procedure that we also suggest, since there are many opportunities where we can use our selected keywords, along with SLI keywords to add relevance to Googles indexing algorithms.

A well structured SEO strategy with a high quality, white hat link building strategy is what tells Google how trustworthy and ‘interconnected’ your webpage is within your industry. We go through and check whether you have any toxic link building that is pointing to your website and make sure that that your site isn’t already penalized because of them. In the case that you do find yourself with plenty of toxic links our SEO strategy is to remove them for you and get you back on the first page of Google. Its good to have a link building portfolio that comes from high quality trusted websites since google will give your site a rating based on the quality of the backlinks that you have. Its better to have fewer good backlinks, than having plenty of toxic ones.
Every now and then Google goes through and sends its ‘bots’ to index every page on Google to determine any changes in websites. An .xml file tells Google to index your page sooner so that you can start seeing results quicker.
Having great organic search results is the goal of any good SEO strategy, but gaining these results can take some time as you move up the ranks and as Google crawls through your site. With PPC you can use paid advertisements to immediately put your page at the top of Googles search results for everyone to see. These PPC strategies are a great way to start seeing results sooner, while you wait for your organic results develop.
Its important to know how your clients use your website and Google analytics is the perfect tool for just that. You can record where potential clients find your website from, which pages they navigate to and where they bounce from, giving you an idea of what works, and what doesn’t. From these results, you can make edits to your web pages to ensure that you get a higher click through rate than you ever have before. Setting up a Google Analytics account is something we suggest to all of our clients and is quickly implemented.
Once all of the previous stages have been completed, you can start to expect increased website activity. As you climb Googles ranks, you’ll be easier to find, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be making more sales. Landing Pages are webpages that are designed specifically to get clients to make conversions. Through the layout of the page, the positioning of the Call-To-Actions and the actual content that we use, you’ll be making more conversions than ever.
As the last stage in our process we will provide you with a complete monthly report on how our SEO services have been performing. You’ll be able to see how each individual keyword has been increasing, how your site traffic is performing and how you rise in the rankings.


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Talk Digital work quickly and professionally to complete their project. I highly recommend their services. The staff use their problem solving and marketing skills to design a product suitable to your needs.
James Coles
James Coles
00:49 19 Jan 22
This company rips you off, and leaves your website in a mess. I would not recommend this company at all.
Sarah Harwood
Sarah Harwood
10:07 15 Dec 21
Alan has done a fantastic job in creating our Google My Business listing. We highly recommend Talk Digital to help with your digital marketing strategy solutions.
Paulene Toohey
Paulene Toohey
08:09 01 Nov 21
Found them super easy to deal with and highly recommend them .
The most important aspect of Talk Digital is that they understand Business and Marketing Principles which is the foundation and continuity which makes my Business effective and successful. Talk Digital is professional and takes the time to research my needs even to the extent of "on-site" Business Meetings to ensure I get the best results.
01:23 09 Jul 21
Thomas, Alan and his team have been fundamental in the success of the digital marketing strategy for my business.When I 1st wanted to dip my toes into the world of SEO I decided to get professional help to coach me through the process instead of blindly trying to do things myself.My concern was wasting money and time on something that I couldn’t guarantee an end result for.Trying to create google ads without the background knowledge of the platform is incredibly overwhelming. Thomas and his team where able to create an easy to follow strategy that was catered to my business.They were able to talk me through each process setup step and could explain to me clearly why 1 google ad strategy would work better over another to ensure that we chose the best strategy from the get go.Their knowledge and understanding of the SEO world is incredible and matched by no other.
Helena Hurst
Helena Hurst
00:13 01 Jul 21
Start to finish was an easy and stress free experience 10/10 would recommend quick response and delivers a great product.
Matthew Duthie
Matthew Duthie
00:09 24 Jun 21
Great value service providing excellent leads for our business.
Ben Garvey
Ben Garvey
04:12 03 Jun 21
We have used Talk Digital with all aspects of our digital marketing campaign. They have completely updated our campaigns and we are definitely seeing the results. We have no hesitation in recommending Talk Digital to all other SME's.
Anthony Ellwood
Anthony Ellwood
00:39 29 Apr 21
Thomas and Alan and their team have created an amazing website with us which truly reflects our music school business in Brisbane. Their digital marketing is really working and we are now drawing new clients like never before.
Mark Hope
Mark Hope
22:16 14 Mar 21
Outstanding and very friendly service. Thank you for creating our superb branding ID including everything from our logo, brochures, website and the quality print work of our stationary, business cards and presentation wallet.
Tony Wiese
Tony Wiese
02:50 22 May 18
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