How To Target Local SEO In Brisbane

Most you reading this have some form of background in SEO and probably already know what an SEO silo is, but did you know that its a great tool that can boost localized SEO standings? The trouble that many website owners face is not ranking their websites for one location like “Local Seo Brisbane”, it’s ranking their one website for a multitude of locations, and that’s where these content silos really shine.

Improve your local SEO Brisbane

Let’s say Susan owns a flower store that’s located on the Gold Coast but she’s really looking to expand her operation into neighboring areas such as up towards Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and down South towards Byron Bay, what should Susan do? To many of us, the obvious answer might be to make use of PPC ads that are targeting those locations specifically, and though this may be a great strategy to adopt for a short term boost in sales, its not a long term solution, and after all – there’s no better traffic than organic traffic. So how would Susan use content silos to boost her SEO positions for Brisbane?


Well, it’s actually fairly simple. As the name suggests, a Silo is a grouping of highly relevant content that’s interlinked and is structured underneath a keystone page or a generally content specified Landing Page. The entire goal behind using this form of site taxonomy is to show Google that you’re logically grouping content that’s relevant in a logical manner both easy to read through, but more importantly, easy to index.

By making use of the keystone content page with plenty of supporting pages linking back to it, you’re indicating that this is the most important page that google needs see, and if the content on that page is optimized for “Local SEO Brisbane”, then that’s where she’ll start to see the results pouring in.


Flow Chart - Local SEO brisbane

In Susan’s example with the flower shop, the only way that she’s going to rank for “Local SEO Brisbane”, is if she creates a keystone content page dedicated to Brisbane and then links to that page with supporting blogs and articles that are all heavily keyword focused on Brisbane and the flower Industry along with other area specific information. This process would then have to be rinsed and repeated for all the other locations that we mentioned earlier and any more that she would like to target in the future, and it wouldn’t be any different relating your specific industry or business.


The advantage to writing highly localized and specific blogs to support your silo’s main page is that the information held within each blog will inevitably be highly optimized for the area – rich in local information – and that means that your silo is not only growing, but also becoming more robust in terms of how Google asses your content. The higher relevancy and specificity of the links that you connect, the more successful your Silo’s Keystone page will rank.


Making use of other off-site links can also spell out huge results for your local SEO campaigns. For example, registering your businesses specified service locations under “Google My Business” and then pointing them back to your Silo keystone content page will work wonders along with any other Google services that you can link from. Similarly, getting other local businesses that are in a similar industry to link back to you on the anchor text “Local SEO Brisbane” can work wonders in how Google responds to your local rankings, so don’t be shy to start networking.


The next thing to consider after you’ve structured your perfect silo is where you’ll be sending all that new traffic to? It might be worth your while to create bespoke landing pages for all of the new areas that you’re targeting in an effort to secure optimal sales, instead of sending them to either your website’s home page or your already area-specific optimized page that you’ve used since the outset.


Though there may be many ways to organically rank your website in differing locations, this silo method has proven to one of the most efficient methods in the SEO landscape today. If you have any questions or concerns on how to build your own content silo, or perhaps you need it to be done professionally don’t be shy to contact us. Alternatively, why not make use of our Free Business Blaster Session (usually valued at $499), where walk through your current online marketing strategy with you and provide professional advice.