Is Affordable SEO Good SEO?

How much does SEO really cost? And how much should the small-medium business owners really be looking to spend for good affordable SEO? These are questions that most website/business owners have asked themselves, and unfortunately, the jungle that is ‘SEO pricing’ makes the answers seem harder to find than they actually should be.


So why does all of this confusion exist? And is Affordable SEO the way to go?

Massive Pricing Diversity


It doesn’t take much effort to confuse oneself with SEO pricing systems… a simple 5-minute google search will usher in a plethora of websites, each offering price ranges with such vast differences that no one would blame you for thinking SEO was a scam of sorts that you would find on shady websites.


You can expect some businesses to offer you a whole range of affordable SEO services for the measly price of $100 and under, with accompanying promises of increased SERP results and wonderful customer service/support to boot. On the other hand, you might also find companies that are charging up $5000 per month with the same sorts of promises except its all wrapped in a corporate-like feel which most businesses obviously cannot afford. So the question remaining is, which do i pick, the price that makes think “this is too good to be true” or the price that might bankrupt you in the event that you don’t see any results?


Making Sense Of It All


The first step to understanding how much to spend is to understand what services are actually being offered to you in the first place.


This may sound like an obvious factor to take into account, but more often than not, business owners or project managers don’t understand how SEO works or what one can expect for the price, and that is where the confusion can intensify.


As a business owner looking to increase their websites organic visibility with extremely limited knowledge of SEO and with an equally constricting budget, it may be an instinctual move to go with the company that is promising big results for only $100 a month.  I mean, why not? They’re only charging $100 a month, what’s the worst that can happen? Well as it turns out, it can be more harmful than you think


The cheaper the SEO services are, the higher the chances are that the SEO practices that will be used can result in either no SERP changes at all or possible damage that will cost you a fortune to fix in the future. A quick fix is very rarely a good fix, and with such a cheap monthly price you can expect that any work that will be done will be performed by even cheaper outsourced labour, probably from either India or the Philippines. Not to mention that if you do need to be in contact with the business over possible problems or queries, then you can expect that the customer support will match the work that they’ve performed.


So how much should you be looking to spend?


If you’re looking for services that won’t break your bank but are still going to have a positive impact on your digital marketing strategies, then we would suggest looking at prices that range from at least $500-$800 per month. Fact is it just isn’t possible to do a proper website technical audit, keyword analysis, competitor research, content and taxonomy structure analysis, blog suggestions with relevant keywords and more – for just $100 a month…


Though some of you reading this probably just recoiled in shock – this is the price range that allows for work to be done in a professional and comprehensive manner. You can rest assured that your SEO will be managed locally, the amount of time that the company will spend analyzing your needs and addressing them will amount to some advantageous results and if you ever need support it will most likely be handled in a professional manner. So if you’re happy with just giving away $100 a month with high hopes – then don’t expect any improvements.


Its still important to remember that any price range that is close to the $500 mark is still considered to be on the cheaper end of the SEO spectrum – so keep in mind that if you’re looking for dramatic results in the shortest period of time, you’re going to have to be willing to spend more – plain and simple.


To Conclude


As with any type of work across any industry, the age-old adage holds true – you get what you pay for. If there is one thing to take away from this article, its that if you’re being promised excellent SEO for a price that would prompt the “this is too good to be true” reaction, then it probably is – so approach with caution.


Getting good results takes time, and time is money, so to gain actual benefits you need to pay someone to take the time to assess and implement actions catered to your businesses specific needs.


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