How To Write The Perfect or Advanced Landing Page Headline

As you may already know, any landing page headline is one of the most critical aspects of that page, and a Landing Page is no exception. A matter of fact, on a Landing Page it may be the most critical factor and a substantial amount of effort should be allocated to getting this just right.

Don’t Try To Reinvent The Wheel

It’s often easy to overthink what you’re going to use as a page’s title, and this can lead people to get really creative. This in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can lead to some unnecessary and unwanted complications. To reduce the risk of running campaigns that produce unwanted trouble, follow our 11 Essential Landing Page Checklist.


When you look into previously done highly successful marketing campaigns, there is a trend that one starts to notice, and that trend has nothing to do with the complexity or the creativity that you inject into your headline, even though that may be what most people would automatically assume to be most effective. This headline ‘wonder’ trend is actually to keep your headline succinct, to the point and have an inclusion of whatever it is that you are offering, nice and simple.

This advice often runs directly against the grain of the people who are just starting out on Landing Pages and what they would instinctively default to, but simpler really is better! Think of it this way, any potential reader who is going to land on your page is going to have a problem that needs solving, so why not clearly state what your solution to that problem is right at the start?

The more you make the reader work to understand what your page is about, the more likely they are to leave and visit your competitors instead. All of that being said, creative and nuanced headlines can absolutely work, but usually only for very unique niche markets instead of the ‘general market’ to state it simply.

Some Things To Consider in landing page headline

Before you head off to start writing that cracker headline that you’ve been thinking of while reading this far into this document, its important to consider a couple of things beforehand. The more that you can plan ahead now, the easier it will be to get your headline right the first time around, so check out our comprehensive Landing Page Intro Guide if you haven’t already and consider the following points:

  • Who are you talking to?

Understanding who your market is and what they want is the most critical factor in starting any successful online campaign. The deeper your understanding of the market that you’re targeting, the better your headline will be. If you haven’t already, check our Customer Avatar worksheet to help you target the ideal market.

  • Address their prospective pain points

The more acutely your headline can address the pain points that your customers may be having, the higher your chances of making conversions will become. The reader landed on your page for a reason, so address that reason from the get-go and make them feel secure in having found your solution.

  • Where is your Call to Action placed?

It’s also important to take note of where your closest call to action is based since you can adapt your heading to build more market momentum in the lead up to the reader seeing the Call to Action. If your closest Call to Action is straight after the heading, consider making use of an offer or a guarantee to further entice the reader into making conversions. For more detailed information on how to use Call to Actions effectively check out our detailed guide.

  • It needs to stay consistent

Whatever tone or mode of writing style you use for the header and your sub-header, that exact same style and tone need to be used throughout the entire page. If your page is written in an inconsistent manner, your readers will immediately pick that up. The better your pages copy flows to the next Call to Action, the better your page will convert.

  • Check your spelling!

Some of you may think that this is an odd inclusion, but if your heading has a spelling mistake included, your page might as well be scrapped. From a potential client’s perspective, if I see an error, I immediately make assumptions about your business and the services that they provide. Take the time to triple check rather than taking the brunt of your mistake.

  • The font and colour

The font type and size as well the colour of your headline are all things that can play an integral role in the impact that the header can have. Try to use colour and font styles that stand out and are eye-catching, but don’t go too crazy! There is a limit to everything, so try to keep it classy

A/B Testing for landing page headline

No one gets it right the first time around… So make use of A/B testing to ensure that your Headlines all have their maximum impact. Run two campaigns at the same time using the exact same landing pages, with the only difference being the titles. If you notice any sort of differentiation in how either page is converting, then you know that one is resonating more clearly with your target audience.

In nature, one needs to adapt to survive, and in marketing, it’s no different! If you’re making use of Google Analytics or other third-party page tracking software, then you should be able to tell how users interacted with your page and how long they stayed. Make use of these programs to alter as you see fit and ensure that your the audience your targeting is the right one. Make sure you’re aiming for the perfect Target Market before any big campaigns to ensure success!


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