Blog Content Strategy Plan

Over the course of your time on the internet, you may have noticed that the majority of websites out there make use of a ‘Blog’ or ‘News’ page to push their content to their viewers. Most people don’t even make use of these handy little features and some might say that keeping them updated is a waste of your precious time and resources.


Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s not – a comprehensive content strategy plan can really make a difference! You may be surprised to hear this, but your websites number one fan (and active reader) is actually Google, and when you produce any piece of writing, you should be writing it with this in mind.


Boosting your SERP position can be some seriously technical business, but by continuously adding content to your website that is SEO optimized, properly linked, has the right amount of text in it etc. you can stand to gain some serious SEO improvements.


So why/how does content strategy work?


There are two main reasons why you want to keep your blogs updated and optimised with a content strategy plan – these are:


Google Loves Active Websites –


If you look at some of the more successful businesses out there, you’ll notice that their websites always have something new. These additions may be relegated to website design updates or new promotions, but if you look under the hood you’ll see what’s really driving their popularity, and it’s the content they post.


By posting fresh relevant content every now and then, Google will register that your website is active and productive, unlike the majority of ‘content stale’ websites out there in the ether we call the web. Publishing content on a regular basis also increases the chances of you driving traffic to your page (which Google also loves to see), which has the potential of going viral – and who doesn’t want that?


More Content = More SEO Opportunities –


Having plenty of content and producing more on a regular basis allows you to explore opportunities when it comes to your SEO strategy. Every single blog or article that you write will be written with the sole intention of telling Google that this keyword is a word that you want to rank for, so the more great content you write, the more you’re putting yourself on Google’s radar for those relevant keywords.


How To Structure Your Content Strategy Plan:


Ideally, we would suggest writing one high-quality blog about once every month or so. Naturally, that is just a suggestion of ours, and the amount of time and effort that you may be able to put into creating content may differ, which is also ok! As long as a steady stream of content trickles into your website at a regular pace, you should start to see differences.


Blog Length and Keyword Targeting:


The length of your blogs can vary on how much time and effort you have available to create content, though we would suggest aiming for around 1000 words. Research into content-related SEO has stipulated that this is the perfect amount of text to really get Google’s attention – feel free to write more if you can, in this case, bigger is better!


The Keywords that you’ll be targeting will be allocated to you via the Talk Digital SEO team, who will have custom catered a keyword/content plan for you follow, preventing any bottlenecks in your SEO journey.


Keyword Placement:


Where your chosen keywords reside within your written body of text has also shown to have an impact on how it affects your SEO goals. Making sure that your keyword(s) are integrated into the headline, used once or twice in the piece of text and just spilled through the rest of piece will ensure that maximum impact on your SEO.


Keyword Density:


The keyword density that your piece should have is ideally 3%. At this percentage, the data has shown that Google attributes a high level of relevance to your content based off your keywords. Though a word of warning may be in order, spamming too many of the keywords throughout the entire piece will cause Google to see your entire blog as just that – Spam – So stick to around 3% and it’ll have the biggest impact.


The Talk Digital Quality Check:


If you’ve read through his entire article and feel as though you might not get everything just right, don’t fret! Once your blog has been completely finished off on your side, you can send it through to us, where one of our content specialists will assess your piece, make any required edits to the content, keyword placement the content strategy plan itself and send it back to you for the final bit of validation. Then we’re ready to post and get you to the top of Google!


Performing your own on-page SEO optimisation can often be a technical challenge for smaller businesses or for inexperienced marketing teams, so why not get the pros to do it for you? Talk digital offer a full range of SEO services and are even offering a Free Consultation where we run through your current SEO strategy and where you’d like to be in the future. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.