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Free business card review

FREE 6 Point Business Card Design Review


Even with the facility to exchange details in a Vcard on a mobile device, it’s still much more effective to make the first contact with potential customers bypassing your details with a well-branded business card. It relays your brand with style visually and in a tactile way that makes a much deeper and longer impression.


Are you 100% happy with your brand?

Are you always thinking my brand is OK but it’s not as stunning as it could be. Your concern is even after the cost and energy of commissioning a designer your branding still leaves you underwhelmed.


Our offer takes care of this concern. We are so confident we can freshen up your brand just by making simple adjustments to layout, the use of colour, materials and finish your brand will look like it had a full makeover.


We make the process really easy for you. We need ten minutes of your time to establish a design brief and your info to go on the Card.


[x_prompt type=”left” title=”Free 6 point business card review” message=”We are so confident we can freshen up your brand by just making simple adjustments to the layout, the use of colour, materials and finish your brand will look as if it has had a full makeover. Book you free review now!” button_text=”Book free review now” button_icon=”500px” href=” ” target=”blank”]


Our 6 point review


1. A review of your logo with suggestions to how it can be more contemporary without changing the design.

2. Review of your corporate colours

3. A review of your typography

4. Review of the card layout

5. Review of your card’s material and finishes.

6. Print production review – (optional you use your preferred printer).


For more tips on creating business cards go to our 6 tips for better business card design

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