5 Reasons To Get Expert Help With Your Google Ads Campaigns

1. Do you feel as though your campaigns have thus far provided results that are less than satisfactory?
2. Want to show your employers just how great/profitable PPC campaigns can be?
3. Need to make sure that all the work you’ve put into the Google Ads campaign was the right move?
4. Maybe you’re looking to beef up a campaign that’s already performing well?
5. Or, you’ve never started a campaign before and you’re looking to do it properly the first time around.


Well, in case you find yourself in any of these predicaments, we’re happy to let you know that our Google Ads Services are tailored specifically to address your needs. Making use of industry best practices and performing granular account auditing and reporting – we let you know exactly where you stand, and how we can help.


We’re not in the habit of bending the truth when it comes to your Google Ads account, we tell it like it is – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly… So, rest assured that if we feel our services can help you, we’ll let you know, and vice versa.


How Do Our Google Ads Services Work?

Here at Talk Digital, we don’t just want to provide you with great results, we also want to provide you with as much information as possible, giving you a deeper, more nuanced understanding of why you’re getting the results that you are.


When we assess your account or create a campaign for you, we make sure to assess and to optimize for:


Your Quality Scores: The higher your quality scores, the less you pay and the more likely your ads are to convert, it’s as simple as that.


Click-Through-Rates (CTR): The better your ads are written, the more likely someone is to click on them – and the more likely you are to get sales.


Account Activity: The best campaigns require a lot of time and effort, so putting in the work every day is extremely important. How often do you check in on your accounts?


Mobile Optimization: No matter which industry you’re in, mobile-centered campaigns are booming more than ever. Ensure that you’re tapping into this market effectively.


Landing Page Layouts: The Google Ads campaign itself doesn’t quite cut it… Where do you send all your traffic to and how is that page optimized to get the clicks you need?


Ad-Copy Optimization: How often do you run text experiments to see if any specific message resonates with your prospective client base best?


Wasted Spend: Using negative keywords strategies is key to getting the most out of your advertising budget and ensuring that you aren’t wasting any CPC on irrelevant terms.


Impression Shares: How often are your ads being shown compared to how often they’re eligible to be shown? Increase your exposure by ensuring that you consistently show up after every bidding cycle.


Longer-Tailed Keyword Targeting: Using longer tailed keywords can be a challenge to target, but the benefits speak for themselves – lower CPC’s, higher CTR’s and more conversions.


Keep reading and we’ll dive into these topics a little more, ensuring that you get a complete understanding of the importance of each and what you can expect by ensuring that these are all fully optimized.


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Our Audit and Our Solutions

Depending on whether or not you already have an active Google Ads account, we provide you with a comprehensive account audit, which gives you a wholesome understanding on how your account has performed, where the weak points are, where the strong points are, and how you can further optimize the account to perform to its potential.


In this Audit, we make sure to assess and provide best practice solutions for:


  • The amount of relevant click traffic that your account generated, and how well your negative keywords have filtered out budget wasting search terms.
  • How relevant your ads are compared to both the keywords that are being targeted and the landing page that you are sending the traffic to.
  • The clickthrough rates that your ad variants have, and the CTR of the keywords that you’re targeting.
  • How regularly your account has been assessed and worked on over the period of a month.
  • How experimental you’ve been with the ad variants that you have per ad-group.
  • Whether or not you’re making full use of the mobile PPC features such as certain extensions
  • How you’ve structured your account, depending on the sort of PPC campaign that you’re running.


Are you completely sure that you all of these points are under control? Or are you just wishfully hoping for a good outcome?


What exactly is Google Ads?

Before we completely dive into the technicality behind all of the key points covered before, what exactly is Google Ads anyway? If you’ve never had experience with this handy tool, then this bit is for you.


Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is Google’s premier advertising platform that connects you to the ever-present online community of the world. Yep, you read that right, the world. With one Google Ads account, you can target pretty much any country on the planet, and the best part is still yet to come.


Not only can you target anywhere, but you can also create campaigns that target groups of consumers hyper-specifically, taking the guesswork out of your marketing efforts, and placing your ads in front of people who actually benefit from and want to see them.


The way that this system works is fairly simple – and that’s by using keywords to match your ads with the people who are searching for your products/services. Sounds simple right? Well, not really… Google Ads allows you to target audiences with keywords that have different match types and that respond differently to specific search terms – This can be tricky to implement.


Aside from keyword types, you also have quality scores and Ad Ranks, which are units of measurement that indicate how relevant and specific your keywords are to the ad and how relevant the ad copy is to the keyword and the text that resides on your landing page. These scores dictate how often your ads are shown to searchers and how much you’re going to pay compared to your advertising competitors.


Can I Run My Own Google Ads Account?

As long as you have an internet connection, a banking card, and a Google Account, you can start advertising on the Google Ads platform. Over the years, we’ve found that without the technical know-how, experience, and the proper tools, a newbie is going to really struggle with getting their account into a state where they aren’t just wasting their daily budget. Luckily, we’ve already made all the mistakes and learned from them so that you don’t have to.


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What Exactly is A ‘Quality Score’ And Why Should You Care?

Quality scores are one of the most important aspects of any Google Ads Campaign and can be a real hassle to control if you don’t have any experience or knowledge in the PPC realm.


A quality score is a value that is given to all keywords and can spread from 1 – 10. One being the worst and ten being the best. These values are indicators of how related any given keyword is to the ad associated with it and also the text on the landing page that you are sending your traffic to. These scores exist to ensure that advertisers create ads and target keywords that actually make sense, preventing people from maliciously targeting certain keywords.


What effect do quality scores have on your account? Well, I’m glad you asked!


Essentially, there are two main factors that are affected


How Often Your Ads Are Shown

With a quality score that’s nice and high, you enjoy a perk that ALL online marketers are vying for, and that’s a high ad impression share. In Layman’s terms, the higher the score, the more likely your ad will be shown, the lower the score, the less likely, and when you pair that with the next point, you’ll see why this is so important.

How Much you spend per click

Cost per click is the name of the game and the higher your score the lower your CPC is. The difference in CPC isn’t just a small percentage either, with high scores you’ll be paying substantially less, for much more traffic – and more conversions.


Attaining these high scores can be finicky though, even for some seasoned PPC veterans, it can be a battle to get the scores that we need, so try at your own risk!


Can I Optimize My Account For Better Quality Scores?


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Unfortunately for all of us, the Google Ads platform is almost comparable to a really needy girlfriend… Once you think you have everything well organized and affairs are finally in order, there is always going to be something that comes up. In other words, Google Ads is not something you set up once and simply walk away from whilst reaping the benefits, it’s a constant process that requires a lot of attention, refinement, a bit of frustration and of course, knowhow.


Luckily though, pretty much anyone can manage their accounts, given they have enough time and interest.


How do you do it?

Well, it all comes down to experimentation. It really is that simple.


Once you have selected all the keywords you want to target in your specific Ad Group, and you’re writing your ads with your keywords and landing page text in mind, then all you can do is let the ad run for 1 – 2 weeks and then see the results.


Are your results not what you were expecting? Well, all you can do is assess the data, retarget, re-run the ads and start all over again.


Sounds simple right? Well, it is! But let’s not get too excited over the simple process. The reality here is that with every experiment that you run due to low-quality scores, you end up wasting a lot of the ad spend that could have been spent on good keywords – Though the experimentation process is part of every account, it’s better to get it right sooner rather than later – And with a proper account strategy, catered to your business needs, that’s exactly what we provide you.


How Do You Improve Click-Through Rates?

Ok, so let’s say you have your quality scores all sorted, you’ve excitedly sent your ads out for another go, but for some reason, your ads aren’t getting all the attention that you were expecting them to – Yep, that’s a Click Through Rate Problem.


What exactly is a Click Through Rate? Well, I’m glad you asked! A Click Through Rate is the percentage of times someone clicked on your ad, based on the total times that your ad was actually shown.


In essence, this is the metric that we use to see just how effective your advertisement copy is, and whether or not the copy is enticing potential customers to see just what you have in store. To write great ads that will give your account a good CTR, you really need to understand what your potential clients are looking for and present your solution to their needs in a holistic fashion.


We suggest using our Client Avatar worksheet, where you create a fictional character of your absolute ideal client. You then look at the attributes that your ideal client possesses and custom tailor an ad to tick all of their boxes. If you can’t entice your ideal client, you’ll never be able to entice anyone, so it’s worth diving into.


How Important Is Landing Page Optimization?


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Many people might think that a good Google Ads campaign by itself is all it takes to run a successful PPC campaign, and those people are all sadly very misguided. The reality is your landing pages are one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing campaign, so make sure that your landing pages are all designed for conversions.


What are the aspects to a great landing page?


Continuity- It’s very important that your ads sound and give off the same vibe as the text on your landing pages. The style of writing needs to be the same, if you provide an offer in the ad, make sure you reiterate that on the landing page if you’re using display ads, try and make the landing page feel the same by using similar colors and design styles. There’s nothing worse than clicking on an ad that you’re interested in, only to land on a page that’s (seemingly) completely different.


Call to Actions- Any good Google Ads campaign will provide a clear offer, and give clear instruction on an action to take, here’s an example, “Contact Us To Redeem Your Offer!”. Your landing pages are no different. Giving your potential clients a clear instruction on how they can redeem whatever you’re offering through the use of colored buttons is an absolute must.


Optimized Text- The text on this page needs to be centered around something specific, your offer. Any deviations from this could cause clients to lose interest and your quality scores might take a hit as well. Another great tip is to make the text very easy to read, and to direct the text at the potential pain points that your client has – get him emotionally invested.


Ease Of Navigation- Landing pages should be easily digested, and the information should be laid out in a logical fashion. Your readers shouldn’t look for information, it should be handed to them on a silver platter – this retains the reader’s attention and increases the likelihood of them interacting with your call to actions.


Landing Pages have many great benefits – here’s two to consider:


Organic SEO- A landing page that is properly constructed, with a very high word count will most likely increase your organic search rankings within Google’s search network – It’s important to have a very good PPC campaign, but it’s just as important to ensure your organic statistics are also nice and healthy.


Decreased Ad Spend- With well crafted landing pages, your CPC will also decrease due to both higher keyword quality scores and better Ad Ranks. At the end of the day, the bottom line is all that matters, if you can save a couple of bucks here and there through the use of quality page content, why not do it?




Unfortunately, Google Ads campaigns aren’t as simple as most people think. There’s a lot of theory that goes into each and every campaign, and not knowing some of it could end up costing you a lot more money than you might think


Google Ads is an iterative process that requires you to assess data, experiment, reassess, experiment further, etc. You need to keep up with all the latest Google Ads changes, have a data-driven mindset and have a creative side in order to cater ad copy to specific markets.


So, the question at the end of the day is, should you try and run your campaign yourself? Well, our answer is, yes! The only way to learn is to throw yourself into the deep end, but keep in mind that every action that you take could end up costing you a lot of money.


Ideally, every business should be using Google Certified Professionals, here are some of the advantages:


  • Account-wide data reporting
  • Tried and tested keyword targeting strategies
  • Full knowledge of Google Ads experimentation tools
  • Daily Account optimization
  • Access to campaigns of all sorts (Display, Search, Shopping, etc.)
  • The list goes on!


If you’re one of those people that’s thinking of starting a campaign, already has an underperforming campaign, or you’re someone who needs a second opinion, please consider giving the Talk Digital team a call – We tall it like is!


Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve been able to find this useful!