Blog Promotion Starter Guide

In the world of SEO, content can often be seen as ‘King’, but what’s often less addressed is how one can get that content in front of an actual audience. So, you’ve written a blog that you can be exceptionally proud of, its SEO optimised, the keyword density is perfect, you’ve put hours of work into this piece, and now you’ve posted it to your blog… Well, now what? Well, we’re going to explain to you how you can best capitalize on every bit of content that you’ve written so far, and how you can get the most out all of the efforts you’ve put in via Blog Promotion techniques.


Firstly, we’d like to reiterate that if you’ve already posted your blog onto your website and all SEO preparations have been performed correctly, then your website should be experiencing a positive boost in your SERP results. This guide is solely focusing on how you can monetize all of the opportunities that your content provides, ensuring that not only your SEO gets a boost, but that your branding and online brand presence does as well.


So, How Do You Do It (blog promotion)?


Social Media – Social media is an extremely prominent influencer in today’s online culture and immensely help you in your blog promotion campaign. It’s difficult to scroll through any form of an online home page without either seeing advertisements for products that you might be interested in or seeing individuals posting content of their own hoping for it to go viral. In essence, this is exactly what you should consider doing as well. Getting people from their dashboards and onto your content can be a challenging task to get done, but if your content is both interesting and well written, the results will speak for themselves.


Instead of just taking your chosen piece of work and splurging it onto your personal and business account (though we would suggest this as well), it’s usually better to look for small interest groups that are interested in your content. For example, if you’re looking at getting the maximal amount of likes on a picture of your German Shorthaired Pointer, then you should be looking into joining as many dog groups as possible and posting your pictures there.


If you’d like to get gain even more blog promotion success and community engagement, then look into finding dog groups that are specifically dedicated to only German Shorthaired Pointers. Projecting your content to highly relevant groups with active group members usually spells out the highest level of social media success, so if you haven’t found your ideal target groups yet, we’d suggest going through and identifying them, becoming part of the community first and only then start to project your targeted content.


Another avenue you can consider exploring is using targeted social media advertisements to disperse your content to highly relevant target markets, though, out of all the options that will be listed here, this will be the most expensive blog promotion tactic – and there’s no guarantee of success.


Forums – Many people might overlook the power that forums hold over industry influencers. These handy little cyber hangout spots are great places to share your content with people who are actively interested and willing to interact, read and share whatever it is that you have to offer. The trick to using forums for your marketing purposes is to sneakily use your content in a manner that actually benefits the conversation at hand.


If, for example, someone in your relevant forum has a problem, and your blog offers some form of rustic solution, you can try and link it as a solution, with the hopes that traffic is driven to your site and that the people reading your blog are so impressed that they share it with their own groups. Using forums in this form of manner have proven to be one of the most effective blog promotion exercises out there, so be careful not to just shamelessly post your content with no actual reason, no one likes a spammer, especially not close-knit forum group members.


Email Lists – Hopefully if you’re reading this, you already have some form of an email list that you can leverage on. Whether its a list of previous clients or a list of emails that you gained from a dedicated campaign, they can prove to be quite a powerful marketing asset. With every new blog that you write, consider sending it to your email lists as either a new newsletter submission or just for their interest.


If you have previous clients that you aren’t working with anymore and they see this content, there’s always a chance they could return, or, on the other hand, every click and website view that you gain is going to help your SEO campaign, since Google LOVES active websites.


Blogging Websites – The internet is full of websites that are dedicated to hosting and promoting well-written blogs, and there’s no reason why your content shouldn’t be featured if you choose to do so. These websites can be found with a simple google search and feature topics that stretch as far as the imagination can handle. This blog promotion approach might not be the most targeted and specific, but it is an avenue that you could venture nonetheless.


The goal with these sorts of blog postings is to try and get your blog featured on the home page, trending section, hot section etc. The best way to go about doing this is to create high-quality content that’s easy and fun to read with plenty of images and graphics to help break up the heavy reading.


With all of these options in place as a great starting point, your blog and article submissions should be put to use to drag in the readers that matter and will make a difference. These are of course only the starting point of your marketing journey, so if you have any creative ways getting eyes onto your content – then, by all means, go ahead!


A quick tip to up your chances of success: It usually pays off to become part of the community that you’re looking to target your blog too. Spending some time coercing with either the social media group or forum members before posting your content will help prevent your content from being seen as spam, and might even aid you since friends are more willing to share your content than strangers.


Performing your own on-page SEO optimisation can often be a technical challenge for smaller businesses or for inexperienced marketing teams, so why not get the pros to do it for you? Talk digital offer a full range of SEO services and are even offering a Free Consultation where we run through your current SEO strategy and where you’d like to be in the future. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.