Amazon Polly – The New Frontier In Blogging And SEO?

Blogs have been a part of the internet marketing world for as long as pretty much anyone can remember. The way in which we’ve used them has constantly been changing as the years’ pass, and with the introduction of Amazon’s new text to speech feature named Amazon Polly, the game might have changed once again.

If you don’t know already, Google loves businesses and websites that are using innovative marketing strategies and new methods of making the content interesting. You’re encouraged to keep pushing the envelope and to let your creative side take over and really provide informative and entertaining content delivery methods.

With Amazon’s new text to speech feature, the blogging sphere has yet again been turned over onto its head.


So What Is Amazon Polly?


Amazon Polly is a low-cost service that allows your websites content to be listened to in a lifelike text to speech voice-over. The service comes with a suite of 20 languages and different voices that you can choose from, and the best part is, you can integrate it with WordPress, so pretty much anyone can get their hands on this service.


Amazon Polly also gives you a lot of control over how your chosen voiceover functions, such as having pronunciation tools, speech speed, the volume of the voice and at what pitch it needs to speak at. You can really customize this service to best reflect how you want your content to be received.


To the more veteran marketers out there, you can probably already see how many opportunities this handy little tool provides.


So, Why Should You Care?


One of the biggest problems that content writers need to wrestle with is how to create content that is easily digestible to the modern-day busy content consumer.


Let’s face it, barely anyone really has enough time to read over your two thousand word blog anymore. As the technicality of our day-to-day jobs gets more intense, the time we have to liaise with the blogging sphere decreases, and as a marketer, this should be both a point of concern and a massive opportunity.


A good case study of highly digestible content that people seem to be going crazy over is the podcasting format.


The US alone boasts a podcasting viewership of 124 million people, and these numbers are set to increase with each passing year. With the use of Amazon Polly, you’re effectively able to tap into this market without ever needing to say a word yourself. Amazon Polly’s WordPress plugin can even create an XML file of your content and send it straight to iTunes or other mediums as a podcast all on its own, making it that much easier to spread your content across the web.


Another one of the other great advantages that this new form of content delivery provides is increased user engagement.


In the podcasting world, 35% of listeners will listen to the entirety of the show, and when you compare that to the bounce rates you get on your long-form content, you’ll understand how big of a win this actually is. Both Neil Patel and Eric Siu discuss the usefulness of this tool in their podcast called ‘A Stupidly Simple Way to Increase Your Time on Site by 19%’.


The wonderful advantage that Amazon Polly provides is that the viewer can choose between reading through your content as one regularly would or choosing the text to speech feature, putting more control in your viewer base’s hands.


The Mobile Phone Dilemma


As many of you may know, Google has made a concerted effort to push businesses into optimizing their websites for mobile use. On March 26th, Google launched its Mobile-First Indexing update among many others and the corporation has hinted that ‘mobile-friendliness’ will be a major ranking factor in the future.


This fact coupled with the drastic increases in mobile usage for online browsing, it actually makes perfect sense to use Amazon Polly to peddle your content to mobile browsers.

If you’ve ever tried to read long-form content on a phone before, you probably understand how difficult and annoying it can be to get through the content, yet with the Amazon Polly voice over, it’s easier than ever and Google might see this as a ranking factor in the future.

The crux of the blog is this. Staying ahead of the pack through creative content marketing is important, and Amazon Polly’s functionality allows you to do just that! Gone are the days of long reading sessions and higher bounce rates on your blogs. As the blogging sphere develops, we predict that content which is more easily digestible to the reader/listener will eventually start to pull ahead of the more traditional blogging methods. Either way, as Amazon Polly is still new to the market, it opened up a wonderful opportunity where you can really differentiate yourself and get your content out more efficiently. Never stagnate, keep adapting!


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