6 Tips for Better Business Card Design

Advance in Business Card Design

There’s plenty of advice on designing your business card. All state what we consider the obvious and its always good to read up on the basics if you are looking to produce a new business card design. In addition to the common considerations, we have added some more in depth advice from our extensive experience in providing design for print as well as our branding experience.


Less is More – Minimalism Works when branding

Make your branding layout clean and simple with minimal clutter. Less really is more… space around content makes that content shout out from the card. include a business address even if it’s shortened for minimal space. it makes you look established and therefore more trustworthy.

Use a splash of colour to add contrast, not equally across the card. again less is more unless your design is specifically saturated or a bold design.


There are two sides to a business card

Make one side of the card for information and one side to get your card noticed, give it a front and back.

We are so confident we can freshen up your brand by just making simple adjustments to the layout, the use of colour, materials and finish your brand will look as if it has had a full makeover. Book you free review now!


Typography – The Winning Formula

Use simple typography with two fonts maximum. Different fonts should be a contrast, ie one simple, one elaborate, one sans, one serif. Only use bold for the most important items such as your name and business name.

Use plenty of line space, the space between should be a minimum of equal the text itself. Don’t mix ranged text with centred text. Make it one or the other. Use centred text for a symmetrical layout is desired to complement a symmetrical logo.


The Finishing Touches

Use a thick card with a matt or silk finish unless you are after a glossy look for a particular style. Gloss looks less sophisticated generally.

If using spot UV use it as what is termed blind spot UV. This means the UV image has no matching image behind it. This is most effective on dark plain backgrounds. Make the UV image chunky and simple. Used well this looks stunning.

If your a green business use natural uncoated stock. This gives an earthy environmentally friendly impression. Be aware your colours will appear subdued adding to the organic look. Get your printer to provide an uncoated Pantone swatch. There are hundreds of types of paper and card. Look up paper merchants who give away paper samples.


Print Quality and your branding

If you are ordering from a printer for the first time get them to provide samples close to the specification and style of your card. Only order from a printer who has samples to the standard you expect. You can then use the samples as a way of measuring the quality of your cards.

If you are ordering more than one kind of card, consider shopping around as some printers charge per kind and others by ganging the cards up to suit there presses. With this option you can have several kinds at little or no extra cost. Also, larger quantities add very little extra cost.

Include a blank version to tide a new staff member over until their cards arrive from the printer.

For a good printer in the Brisbane and Gold coast are you can contact Varsity Graphics, we use them and they are really professional.

We would love to have an opportunity to deliver a free business card review to help you with your branding strategy.

Your branding talks to your audience and as such needs to be an integral part of your branding as well as a digital marketing strategy, we are always here to help!