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Seo best practices are becoming more important with every single google algorithm update

And many businesses aren’t keeping up with the effort that’s required To ensure that they’ll rank.
If you’re looking to improve your websites SEO performance and increase your sales, there’s no better place to start than understanding where your current flaws lie. This Free Website Analysis tool will give you a unique and highly comprehensive insight into what you’re performing well on, and what might need some improvement.

Your SEO audit not as good as what you expected it to be ?

So, what is a website analysis?

A Website Audit is a test that’s run on your domain that scans through your entire website and gathers relevant information around
a number of known ranking factors. This Website Analyzer checks for factors such as:

Site Speed

With every new update that Google brings in for its ranking algorithm, one thing becomes clear, and that’s the fact that site speed is becoming more and more important each passing year. With this audit, you’ll get an insight into whether or not your site is being left in the dust, or whether you’re already at the head of the pack.

Content Strategy

Thin content or weak pages with very little substance or topical relevance, duplicate content copied from other sources and lack of trustworthiness are just some of the issues that have been addressed by the Google Panda algorithm and many websites are being penalised!

On page SEO

On page SEO is the art of optimising your individual webpages in order for them to rank higher in search results for the relevant keywords to promote your business and skyrocket your traffic. Combine this with a solid off page SEO strategy and you are on a winning team.

What to do with the results

Whether you got some great results that surprised you, or some rather negative ones, we’d like to reassure you that it’s definitely not the end of the world! A matter of fact, it’s just the beginning! If you’re looking to increase your websites SEO Audit score, then we’re here to help with our Free 1 hour Business Blaster session, where we’ll walk through your results with you and help give you a winning strategy to get to #1!

During the session we will touch on:

Key insights into your business
Effective steps to achieve goals
Complete seo audit
On & off page seo
Domain authority
Social media
Your competitors

With nothing to lose and the world to gain

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