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TalkDigital was founded with the vision of providing businesses with a chance at a meaningful and honest partnership within the digital marketing industry. When we work with you, we see it as a collaboration. It is important to us that a business bases their decisions on valuable advice that is beneficial to their bottom line.

This is where we move away from the pack. We don’t want to dazzle you with numbers and false promises. Instead, we implement strategies that have powerful long-term potential. Our goal is to become a partner in your journey for business growth.

Technology has expanded so rapidly in the last ten years, that strategies used in the last 12 months, are often already outdated. Small to medium businesses very rarely have the resources and capacity to stay ahead of the curb because of this exact reason. This is what we want to influence. With the right touch, a well formulated online presence can act as a multiplier to various business process. Sometimes all it needs, is a push in the right direction.

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Deadlines can often make or break a project. This can be stressful and place a lot of pressure on achieving the perfect outcome. Having a relaxed and direct line to all project managers gives you the opportunity to be directly involved. This open communication is paramount to the success of all projects.


Our team is highly qualified. We have a plethora of expertise available in every aspect of the digital marketing sector. This enables us to look at your company holistically and offer direct advice on broad problems. SEO, branding, web development and mobile application development are all linked. No project should be developed in isolation from other business processes.


We realise that your success is our lifeline to the future. By using a goal driven digital marketing methodology we are able to provide valuable and transparent results on all your campaigns. This data will enable you to quantify your return on investment and track success. We also host a consultation involving all stakeholders, where we get to know you, your company and its challenges.

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We strive to be at the forefront of digital marketing by continually improving our skills and staying in touch with the ever-changing landscape of our industry. With our highly experienced team, we look forward to working with great clients and delivering SEO, design, branding, mobile, and web development solutions that will go far beyond our clients expectations.



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Creating a well-structured digital marketing plan is the key to attaining long term success. The implementation process should be defined by a set of vital metrics. This works as the pillar for driving success and measuring results. A digital marketing strategy should be based around powerful performance indicators that are easily trackable. This acts to complement your overall marketing blueprint by allowing for ongoing strategy adjustments.


We put you behind the driver’s seat. From expert design services to skilful copywriting and content, you have full control. Our aim is to make your vision realise its full potential. Whether you need proactive web development or streamlined print production, we can create exactly what you need. Our full spectrum in house team, ensures your message and brand remains harmonious across all media platforms. Consistency is the key to building a recognisable brand.


The digital world is ever changing. It takes commitment and inspiration to stay at the forefront of the game. Within the SEO arena, Talk Digital is always keen to leap into the unknown and adapt to challenges. A significant amount of our day-to-day goes into research and education. We expect to give clients the most relevant advice possible. As challenging as it may be, we try to make a science of SEO. We love the challenge of converting organic hits to real world sales.


From a vision to its realisation, we help organisations reach their milestones. Along every step of the way, we will aim to provide advice which will benefit your business. We see our involvement as a partnership. Our focus is invested into strategic methods which provide organisations with robust long term solutions. The correctly designed and carefully implemented strategy is what will set you apart from your competitors.

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