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Making the most efficient use of your digital marketing strategy can be challenging for medium-sized businesses. It requires time, money, technical SEO skills, adwords management and the latest knowledge.

It’s a critical task though and should be excecuted by a digital marketing agency that understands your industry. Your brand needs to be visible on the web and you need your Google ranking and conversions to continually improve.

Building an effective business strategy

For a medium sized business, making meaningful use of a digital marketing strategy can be daunting. The challenges lie in cost, time, technical SEO skills, industry knowledge, AdWords management and up to date systems. With Talk Digitals’ business strategists and our digital marketing skills we can deliver a holistic solution to ensure the complete success of your business.

Strategic Business Planning

Talk to us about about your business goals and processes and we will deliver a rapid growth plan and send you on the right path to productivity and profit.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Working with our business strategist and constantly adapting and evolving your strategy will attract more traffic, generate more leads and grow your business.

Business Success

At Talk Digital we combine analytics, solid business planning and skillfully crafted digital marketing solutions to promote amplified success! 

Web Designing

Give your company the image and online reach it deserves. Web design, develop and implement scalable, secure and enterprise ready web applications. Our web designers have years of experience in creating quality, well thought out custom web platforms.

Website design is an art form. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as pairing some rich text with beautiful images. Our whole design process is comprehensive from start to finish, which is why our clients websites outrank their competitors.


You can rest assured, we only use ethical SEO & Adwords techniques to improve your traffic and conversions, giving you a great return on your investment. We will walk you through the whole process and manage the AdWords campaign while it is live.

AdWords can be daunting, and can often be unnecessarily expensive if not done correctly. A greater expenditure does not always equal bigger results. A fine touch often means the difference between a lead and a conversion.


We have managed and implemented many successful SEO campaigns for various enterprises over the span of 8 years. Regardless of what search engine you use, organic rankings have become more and more difficult to achieve. As it stands, a business needs to invest early in a long term strategy so that results can be achieved in a reasonable time frame.

SEO is often considered to be an offshoot of web design. 15 years ago this statement might have held true. Today, however, SEO has become its own specialty with its own industry. Organic search rankings are powerful and can push your business to the next level. We want your user experience with us to be so good, you feel comfortable recommending us to someone else.


We proactively look at ways to develop and strengthen your brand values and messaging by developing, implementing & maintaining your branding goals. Talk Digital Marketing Agency places your brand at the centre of your marketing plan.

We do this because we understand how important a brand is. It creates recognition, improves trust, enhances your image and generates new clients. We keep costs down by tailor-making solutions that meet your specific needs.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile applications enable your business strategy to reach and engage your audience by providing rich content and optimal user experiences. We have years of experience creating, managing and maintaining various application types and technologies, with broad industry experience.

Whether you are a part of a start up, or if your business is already well established, we are proud to be one of the leading Gold Coast App development agencies. We place user experience, functionality and design at the forefront of our process.

Your optimal business journey to success

1. Your Strategy Session

Let’s get to know you and
discuss your desired outcomes, your ultimate experience and concerns so we get it right the first time. We discuss timelines, expectations, best strategies
and expected results.

2. Your Campaign

Every business is unique. Generic cookie cutter strategies do not work, so let’s do what’s right for you and your business. Your journey to a more profitable business starts here. 

3. Your Result

This is where we will go into the fine details with you. We will talk to you about the processes we recommend and the time frame in which you should expect positive results.

4. Your Difference

At this point we will have given you a pretty good understanding of where you stand in your industry. This is also where we start the journey to minimise or surpass the difference.

1. Your Consultation

Let’s get to know you and
discuss your desired outcomes,
your ultimate experience and
concerns so we get it right the
first time. We discuss timelines,
expectations, best treatments
and payment plans.

2. Your Campaign

Everyone is different. Generic
plans do not work, so let’s do
what’s right for you and your
body. Your natural beauty
and youthful body and life
transformation starts

3. Your Result

This is where we will go
into the fine details with
you. We will talk to you
about the processes we
recommend and the
timeframe in which you
should expect positive results.

4. Your Difference

At this point we will have
given you a pretty good
understanding of where you
stand in your industry. This
is also where we start the
journey to minimise or surpass
the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Digital Marketing Agency actually do?

Our digital marketing agency specialises in every aspect of the online marketplace. Our job is to take your business and design a tailor-made solution so that you can exceed you online business experience. We are experts in web development, website design, marketing, branding and search engine optimisation. We can take you from start to finish, or pick up where someone left off.

How do I know that I will get a return on my investment?

Getting a return in investment can be very relative depending on what your objective is. Brand awareness, conversions and leads are just some of the indicators we use to measure success. For some businesses a campaign would be implemented to drive capital gains. Another entity may value name recognition over profits. This is a very subjective question, with a very relative answer. Before taking you onboard, we will discuss your end goal with you. After establishing what it is you need, we will work together to achieve this in a measurable way.

What does a growth journey look like?

Depending on the services you require, our process can be comprehensive, or we can hone in on improving certain important aspects. Our whole process can start with our graphic design team, where we create your logo design and branding, or we can design a new website, with a complete long term search engine optimisation plan. Depending on your industry and its online marketing competitiveness, we will work with you to create the perfect strategy.

What is our approach?

It is our intention to be like a strong wind that blows your ship in the right direction. We want you to know, that we intend to work with you. Our whole business model is set-up to involve our clients directly with monthly reporting and updates, to keep everyone on the same page. Whether you need an amazing professional responsive website, or a branding overhaul, we work with you to help you set sail with the right co-ordinates.

Will I receive updates on my campaign?
We have systems in place to provide you with updates as they become available. Meaningful values and metrics will be forwarded to you via e-mail on a monthly basis. We also make sure to update you with meaningful personal calls to discuss results and concerns. Like we’ve said before, we are working with you. Our success is your success, and the other way around also holds true.
When will I see results?
This is a question that we can not answer in a short text passage. Many web design agencies will promise their clients the world and fall short when it comes time to deliver. How long might be the million dollar question, but to answer it we need sit down with you and look at the numbers.

A new website might take much longer to rank, but it also depends on your industry and its competitive density. If you want a good answer to this question, give us a ring. We will go through the paces with you and you can decide whether your business is ready for this investment.

Do we work with big or small companies?
We have the capacity to work with large or small companies. Projects, both large and small, have a place with us. If you need website design and development, or a custom web solution, we can work with you and make it work for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking at a business website, a functional wordpress website, a web development overhaul or if you just want to be found on a search engine, we can deliver. TalkDigital is an all inclusive web design agency with avid experience in all things website development and maintenance.
How does our AdWord process work?
Search engines have become notoriously difficult to crack over the years. If you have the time to invest in a comprehensive organic search strategy that’s great, but if you need something with more immediate potential, AdWords is going to be your way to go.
Can we guarantee results?
This is a tricky question. Not all businesses define results in the same capacity. Some may see a well branded business website as a success, others define it with hard numbers, looking at conversions and capital influx.

What we can guarantee is, that we will give you the advice you need. We will walk you through the whole process and give you an idea of what you can achieve in what time frame. Together we will devise some key performance indicators that are relevant to your goals and budget.

Client Testimonials

Very helpful and professional! I recommend their services.
Angela P
Angela P
10:53 27 Apr 22
Thomas was fast, great at communicating with me about my needs and requirements, and I could not be happier with the result.
shane Stewart
shane Stewart
06:32 21 Mar 22
I found the team at Talk Digital so professional and making my tasks easier in setting up a new business. Highly recommend them to any Business.
Brooke Townsend
Brooke Townsend
03:10 17 Feb 22
Thomas was great to deal with. I run a small Plumbing business and have limited time in the office. Thomas understood straight away and was patient with my replies.The web site looks great and I look forward to working with him and Talk Digital in the future.Andrew Shipway,YEP Plumbing Services.
Andrew Shipway
Andrew Shipway
01:07 15 Feb 22
Excellent company to deal with. They are friendly, professional and helpful. Pleasure to work with Thomas and the team!
Christelle van Rooyen
Christelle van Rooyen
11:08 02 Feb 22
Talk Digital work quickly and professionally to complete their project. I highly recommend their services. The staff use their problem solving and marketing skills to design a product suitable to your needs.
James Coles
James Coles
00:49 19 Jan 22
Alan has done a fantastic job in creating our Google My Business listing. We highly recommend Talk Digital to help with your digital marketing strategy solutions.
Paulene Toohey
Paulene Toohey
08:09 01 Nov 21
Found them super easy to deal with and highly recommend them .
The most important aspect of Talk Digital is that they understand Business and Marketing Principles which is the foundation and continuity which makes my Business effective and successful. Talk Digital is professional and takes the time to research my needs even to the extent of "on-site" Business Meetings to ensure I get the best results.
01:23 09 Jul 21
Thomas, Alan and his team have been fundamental in the success of the digital marketing strategy for my business.When I 1st wanted to dip my toes into the world of SEO I decided to get professional help to coach me through the process instead of blindly trying to do things myself.My concern was wasting money and time on something that I couldn’t guarantee an end result for.Trying to create google ads without the background knowledge of the platform is incredibly overwhelming. Thomas and his team where able to create an easy to follow strategy that was catered to my business.They were able to talk me through each process setup step and could explain to me clearly why 1 google ad strategy would work better over another to ensure that we chose the best strategy from the get go.Their knowledge and understanding of the SEO world is incredible and matched by no other.
Helena Hurst
Helena Hurst
00:13 01 Jul 21
Start to finish was an easy and stress free experience 10/10 would recommend quick response and delivers a great product.
Matthew Duthie
Matthew Duthie
00:09 24 Jun 21
Great value service providing excellent leads for our business.
Ben Garvey
Ben Garvey
04:12 03 Jun 21
We have used Talk Digital with all aspects of our digital marketing campaign. They have completely updated our campaigns and we are definitely seeing the results. We have no hesitation in recommending Talk Digital to all other SME's.
Anthony Ellwood
Anthony Ellwood
00:39 29 Apr 21
Thomas and Alan and their team have created an amazing website with us which truly reflects our music school business in Brisbane. Their digital marketing is really working and we are now drawing new clients like never before.
Mark Hope
Mark Hope
22:16 14 Mar 21

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